10 Ways to Style Western Shirts for Every Occasion

Ways to Style Western Shirts

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Western-style shirts are a classic item originating from the distinctive clothing style of the 19th-century Wild West. Despite their long-standing history, Western shirts have found their way into modern fashion, blending vintage charm with contemporary designs. While they may not be as versatile as some other wardrobe staples, they can still be adapted for various occasions if you choose the right shirt designs and know how to mix and match them with other items.

In this article, we suggest 10 ways to wear Western shirts, providing you with a range of styling options to incorporate into your own wardrobe.


Go Traditional Style

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One of the classic styles widely recognized for Western shirts is the cowgirl look, which recreates the original essence of Western shirts. To achieve this style, pair your Western shirt with blue skinny jeans, classic cowboy boots, a Stetson hat, large belt buckles, and a duster jacket. Tucking the shirt into the waistband of your jeans helps accentuate your waist and elongate your legs.

Additionally, high boots enhance the visual effect, making your legs appear longer. This versatile outfit works equally well for a night out line dancing as it does for a casual weekend brunch.


Show Off Your Muscle

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Sleeveless Western shirts are a variation of traditional Western shirts, with the sleeves removed to increase comfort for the wearer. This version has a casual appearance while still retaining the classic cowgirl vibe. Due to the reduction in the rigidity of classic Western shirts, you have more flexibility in choosing accompanying items.

You can freely choose skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, or shorts to enhance comfort and dynamism. Shoes and matching jewelry are not restricted to the boho style. You can opt for regular sneakers to create a casual look for outings with family and friends.


Tie It Up

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By tying the ends of your Western shirt into a knot, you can easily refresh your look. This simple trick transforms your shirt into a more dynamic and edgy style, distinct from the usual cowgirl vibe. You can adjust other details, such as unbuttoning one or two buttons at the top or rolling up the sleeves to reduce the shirt's stiffness.

This style is versatile, allowing you to pair it with denim shorts or wide-leg khaki shorts, complemented by high boots or sneakers. This complete outfit is perfect for outings, traveling, or picnics.


Try Denim Western Shirts

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Denim western-style shirts are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be dressed up in various ways. The classic denim fabric of these shirts adds a touch of edginess to traditional Western shirts. You can pair this item with jeans to create a denim-on-denim look that embodies street style.

This combination not only embraces a casual dressing trend but also maximizes the use of items you already have in your wardrobe. For a standout outfit, consider choosing denim shirts and jeans in different shades. Footwear choices are flexible, ranging from sandals and menswear-inspired loafers to sneakers.


Turn It Into An Outerwear

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If you don't want to wear Western shirts alone, you can layer them over short-sleeve tees or spaghetti-strap tops to transform them into outerwear. This method not only gives this classic item a fresh look but also makes it suitable for cooler days to keep you warm.

The traditional Western shirt now adopts a lighter and more casual style, perfect for daily wear, school, work, or outings. With this layering technique, you can pair it with skinny jeans and sneakers for a sporty look, or with wide-leg jeans and high heels to add a touch of elegance.


Mix with Wide-Leg Jeans

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Western shirts can also be paired with wide-leg jeans for occasions that require a touch of formality, such as work or visits to upscale venues. The elegance of wide-leg jeans helps to tone down the rigidity of traditional Western shirts. For a more refined look, choose Western shirts with soft, feminine patterns or colors that match the jeans you plan to wear.

Don't forget to select a pair of suitable high heels and a medium-sized handbag to carry your essentials when you step out.


Short-Sleeve Western Shirts

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Short-sleeve western-style shirts combine the classic appeal of traditional Western shirts with a modern twist, featuring short sleeves that are perfect for hot summer days. Pairing a short-sleeve western shirt with light-wash denim jeans or khaki shorts creates a laid-back, American-inspired look. The choice of pattern on the shirt significantly influences the style of the outfit.

You can opt for bold and vibrant patterns, traditional stripes, or even floral prints to add a feminine touch. Depending on the style you're aiming for, be flexible in choosing Western shirt designs that complement your overall look.


Be Modern with Mini Skirts

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This mix-and-match approach completely eliminates the traditional elements of Western shirts. Opt for a plain, light-colored Western shirt and pair it with a modern-designed mini skirt and stylish high boots. With this outfit, your Western shirt will take on the vibe of a regular shirt, allowing you to style it in a more contemporary and relaxed manner.

Avoid Boho-style accessories and instead choose modern fashion accessories such as handbags, necklaces, bracelets, or earrings to match the overall modern look. You can wear this outfit for casual outings, work, or even parties while still maintaining a touch of elegance.


Breakthrough with Lace Western Shirts

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The blending of classic Western shirts with delicate lace details creates a contrast that is both charming and alluring. Today, Western shirts no longer just evoke the cowgirl look but also exude a seductive charm with creative lace designs that add a feminine touch. With shirts entirely crafted from lace fabric like this, consider layering them over a spaghetti-strap top to maintain modesty without compromising on style.

Opt for a top in the same color as the Lace Western Shirt for a cohesive look, or choose contrasting colors to make a statement. With this item, you have the freedom to select bottoms based on the occasion, such as classic skinny jeans for a casual vibe, elegant bell-bottom pants for a sophisticated look, or dynamic shorts for a playful ensemble.


Leopard Skin Western Shirts

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The leopard skin design is a creative twist on the original Western shirts, quickly becoming a favorite among many women. It combines the classic Western style with the bold and edgy look of leopard print. You can pair a leopard skin Western shirt with distressed black or white denim jeans to create a dynamic and downtown-inspired look.

Layering a leopard Western shirt under a moto jacket or denim jacket adds textural contrast and visual interest to the ensemble. This combination not only highlights the unique pattern of the shirt but also enhances your overall outfit with a modern and fashionable touch.



Western shirts are one of those classic items that have stood the test of time and continue to exist alongside modern fashion trends. You don't have to confine Western shirts to the traditional cowgirl style; there are various adaptations of them available. By choosing appropriate items to mix and match, you can create a blended aesthetic that combines modern and classic elements, thereby diversifying your current fashion style.

This approach allows you to explore different ways of wearing Western shirts beyond their traditional context, making them versatile pieces in contemporary wardrobes.

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