10 Ways to Style Flannel Shirts for Every Occasion

Ways to Style Flannel Shirts

Flannel Shirts are a type of garment with a long history and are still widely used today due to their versatility. Not only are they easy to wear, but Flannel Shirts also offer excellent flexibility as they can be used by both men and women and adapted to different contexts, creating outfits with various styles. If you are looking for a universal item to wear when going out, going to school, or going to work, Flannel Shirts are an option you cannot miss.

In this article, we suggest 10 ways to mix and match your Flannel Shirts with different styles. We hope that you can apply them to your daily life to refresh your style every day.


Tucked into Your Pinafore Dress


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This is a style that brings a youthful and dynamic look to the wearer. Simply wear over your Flannel Shirt a pair of overalls or a pinafore dress to dramatically refresh the old shirt. With this outfit, you can choose low-cut boots or sneakers for comfort when going to school or going out.

Additionally, pay attention to the material of the Flannel Shirt. On cool autumn days, you can opt for a shirt with a lightweight material for better ventilation. If you need warmth, choose thicker materials to keep your body warm.


Mix with Jeans to be Comfortable


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Girls who love a minimalist style and value comfort will adore this mix-and-match style. Simply open your wardrobe, choose a loose Flannel Shirt, and a pair of light-colored straight-leg jeans, and slip on your favorite sneakers, and you are ready to go. Although this style is simple, it is not boring and is highly versatile.

You can wear it anywhere you want, such as going out, going on a picnic, strolling around town, going to school, or going to work. Remember to bring a handy handbag to carry everything you need.


Feminine Style with Dress


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With this outfit, you can transform a flannel shirt into a lightweight jacket. Wear it over a short dress of any style you like, whether it's a bodycon, A-line, or an apron shape. When mixing this style, pay attention to the colors and patterns of the dress.

If your flannel shirt has a complex pattern, choose a solid-colored dress in a contrasting color to create a harmonious outfit and avoid clashing colors that can be overwhelming. This feminine outfit is perfect for strolling around town, shopping, or having coffee with friends.


Get Ready with Your Streetstyle


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This is a street style loved by energetic girls. They simply mix a crop top with sweatpants and then wear a flannel shirt over it. Add sneakers, a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a tone-on-tone backpack. These are all basic items everyone has, and when combined, they create a perfect outfit for school, going out, or a picnic.

What you need to pay attention to is the rule of contrast when mixing and matching: if your crop top is tight-fitting, the flannel shirt should be somewhat loose to create harmony. The same goes for colors; choose solid-colored crop tops and pants to avoid clashing with your overall look.


Don’t Miss Out Cut-out Items


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Nowadays, many brands create innovative variations of the classic flannel shirt that many people are familiar with. If you love creative fashion and are not afraid to dress in a sexy style, try bold cut-out items. These pieces are not only novel but also cleverly showcase a part of your body you are proud of.

Remember, if the flannel shirt has certain cut-outs, choose pants or a skirt that offers a bit more coverage. The contrast between the top and bottom parts will create a harmonious look.


A Flannel Set is A Perfect Match


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Flannel sets are another creative innovation introduced by many brands, offering users a variety of choices beyond the familiar flannel shirts. With this variation, brands simply add mini skirts, tennis skirts, or trousers in the same color and motif as the flannel shirts, creating a matching outfit.

This is a great option for days when you don't know what to wear or how to mix and match your existing shirts. With this set, just wear an additional shirt underneath to keep warm and add a highlight to your outfit.


Stylized Flannel Shirts Make A Day


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Choosing stylized flannel shirts is also a way to refresh your wardrobe and fashion style. Here, we suggest flannel shirts with unique designs that do not follow the typical shirt form. They not only bring a fresh breeze to your current fashion style but also make you stand out in a crowd.

When mixing and matching your outfit, don't overlook the basic rules of selecting colors, shapes, and patterns for each item to achieve a perfect outfit.


Mix with Legging


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Flannel shirts can also be easily paired with leggings made from various materials like fleece or leather. You can wear a flannel shirt over a long-sleeve shirt or a turtleneck sweater, combined with leggings, to create a dynamic outfit for winter days.

To stay warm, choose a flannel shirt made from thick materials like fleece, with a loose fit to comfortably layer with multiple shirts underneath. This classic style can be flexibly used for going out or going to school, ensuring warmth and comfort.


Layering with Hoodies


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This is also a style of freedom loved by many players because they don't need to choose overly complicated items. These are all basic items that everyone has. You can pair flannel shirts with hoodies, wearing a flannel shirt over a loose hoodie to create comfort and purposeful casualness.

Since the top is already loose, you should wear it with jeans, fitted khakis, or a mini skirt to create contrast between the top and bottom parts, achieving harmony for the outfit.


Keep Layering Style


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If you love layering multiple items to create your own messy style, a flannel shirt is a must-have item. Long-sleeve shirts, flannel shirts, vests, or jackets, you can mix them together, creating multiple layers with contrasting widths, colors, and patterns to avoid visual clutter.

Wear them with appropriate-length pants, and add shoes or boots to create a warm outfit, helping you confidently step out on winter days for a stroll, go to school, or go to work.



Fashion is an ever-changing landscape, yet it also revolves around timeless pieces. If you have some flannel shirts in your wardrobe that have been neglected for a while, don't discard them. Through this article, you can see that flannel shirts offer a variety of styling options, each with its own allure and charm. The versatility of this item lies in its ability to be worn alone, layered with other items, or even worn as a lightweight jacket on chilly days.

Flannel shirts have stood the test of time as an essential wardrobe staple in cold weather. Their soft, durable fabric and timeless plaid patterns make them a long-time favorite for those seeking both style and functionality. So, invest in a few flannel shirts in basic colors to comfortably mix and match, creating timeless and stylish outfits that transcend trends.

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