10 Ways to Style Work Shirts for Every Occasion

Ways to Style Work Shirts

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According to traditional beliefs, Work Shirts are a classic, rigid, and inflexible item. They are often made of stiff fabric, with a classic form, usually bringing a formal and professional look, difficult to apply to daily life, and often only used in a serious and inflexible office environment.

In reality, there are many ways to mix and match this item into highly practical outfits for everyday life that you wouldn't expect. Here, we suggest 10 ways to style Work Shirts so you can visualize the flexibility of this item. Through these styling tips, you can choose the styles that suit you.


Go Classic

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Here, we suggest wearing work shirts with straight-leg or wide-leg trousers. By simply changing the accompanying bottom a bit, you can reduce the rigidity of the shirt, making you look younger and more fashionable.

With this outfit, you can be more flexible in choosing accompanying accessories. Instead of high heels, you can opt for platform sneakers to appear taller and feel more comfortable while moving. Don't forget a small belt and a tone-sur-tone handbag for a complete outfit suitable for work or hanging out with friends.


Give Jeans A Try

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If you feel uncomfortable wearing trousers, replace them with wide-leg blue jeans. Jeans usually have moderate stretch, helping you feel comfortable when standing up or sitting down. Choosing wide-leg jeans paired with a work shirt will make you look more dynamic and fashionable.

With wide-leg jeans, select shoes with a certain height, such as platform sneakers or high heels, to avoid looking short. Remember to bring accessories like a handbag, hat, and sunglasses to be ready for work.


Mix with Shorts

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Think work shirts can't be worn in a relaxed style? Try mixing a work shirt with shorts to create a new look for this item today. Wide-leg shorts are an unmissable choice for creating a youthful and dynamic outfit.

To reduce the formality of the work shirt, unbutton a few top buttons and roll up the sleeves to add a casual touch. Just add a pair of sneakers and a tote bag, and you can confidently wear it for outings, travel, or coffee with friends on cool days.


Pair It with Gilet

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Layering a work shirt with a vest is a way to create a gentle and elegant style. Just choose a loose work shirt, then wear a vest over it, and finish with wide-leg trousers. Don't forget to choose matching shoes, a belt, and a handbag.

To create an outfit with the right vibe, pay attention to combining colors wisely so that no item gets overshadowed. We recommend choosing basic or neutral colors for mixing and matching, avoiding overly bright colors.


Make It An Outerwear

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A work shirt doesn't have to be worn alone; you can turn it into a light, airy outerwear piece for cool autumn days or to avoid the harsh summer sun. Unbuttoning the shirt and wearing it over a tee or tank top will give you a relaxed and casual look.

With this mix, you can choose plain trousers or blue jeans to look more dynamic. This flexible approach allows the work shirt to seamlessly transition from its traditional role in the workplace to a stylish, multifunctional outerwear piece.


Try Mixing with A Tank Top

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Do you often wear a stylish, feminine look? Take advantage of your usual work shirt to create an entirely new style by adding a square tank top. Choose contrasting tones like black and white to make your outfit stand out.

Now, simply pair it with pleated short skirts, high socks, and your favorite shoes to complete the look. You can wear this outfit to school, work, or hang out with friends, combining style and comfort.


Go Vintage with Neutral Colors

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When coordinating outfits, avoid overly bright colors and steer clear of overly safe tones like black and white. Try preparing an outfit with neutral tones like cream, tan, brown, and gray. Combining these tones will give you a harmonious, gentle, and vintage look.

When mixing a work shirt with other items, just changing a few small details can breathe new life into your outfit, making it suitable not only for the office but also for everyday life.


Tie It Up

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This is a pretty cool application of work shirts that many young people love. Instead of wearing it independently, you can drape it over your shoulders and tie it like a scarf. This way, you can wear a short-sleeve tee or another work shirt, and the remaining work shirt becomes a secret accessory, making you look more relaxed and casual.

This outfit is perfect for going to a cafe, strolling around town, going to school, or even to work. Just choose a pair of trousers in a matching tone, and you can confidently step out of the house.


Vest, Cravat, and Shorts

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Work shirts can also create a completely different style if you know how to flexibly apply the rule of contrast. Here, we suggest wearing a work shirt with a long-sleeve vest for formality and elegance, combined with dynamic and casual shorts. When paired together, you'll have a creative outfit that blends youthful elements with formality.

If you like, you can mix in sneakers and a tie to further emphasize the contrast between the items. This will undoubtedly be a unique outfit that will astonish many people.


Layer Under A Dress

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If you want a more elegant and attractive look, wear a stylish dress over a work shirt. You can choose a white shirt, mixed with a black or dark-colored dress to create two contrasting tones, making your outfit more eye-catching.

Opt for boots or high heels to make you look taller, and add a handbag and accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and a watch to complete a great outfit for outings, work, or even parties.



In conclusion, a work shirt is not just an item for wearing to the office, paired with rigid and dull high waist skirts. By using it wisely, you can turn it into a secret weapon to create diverse styles for various occasions. Sometimes, mixing and matching doesn't need to be overly complicated. You just need to know how to make the most of basic items to refresh yourself every day.

Mixing and matching different styles of work shirts can lead to a wealth of creative, versatile outfit combinations. Pairing a crisp, button-down oxford shirt with a more relaxed, flannel button-up creates an effortless, layered look that can be dressed up or down as needed. Experimenting with the placement and fastening of the shirts, such as wearing one open over a tank or knotting the hems, adds visual interest and personal flair.

When coordinating outfits, you not only consider the colors and patterns of the items but also need to consider the fabric of work shirts such as linen, satin, or polyester, etc., and what bottoms they should be mixed with. Hopefully, through this article, you can find tips for yourself so that your work shirts are no longer a boring item.

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