10 Ways to Style Linen Shirts for Every Occasion

Ways to Style Linen Shirts

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Linen is a type of fabric made from fibers derived from the flax plant, popular in countries with hot and humid climates due to its thin, lightweight, and breathable qualities. Additionally, linen garments are beloved for their longevity, luster, and drape. With these advantages, there's no reason not to add a few linen pieces to your wardrobe.

Here, we suggest 10 ways to mix and match linen garments, allowing you to apply them to various occasions in your daily life. These outfits are all composed of basic items, making it easy for you to incorporate them seamlessly.


Linen Shirts and Linen Pants

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This is one of the fashion styles adored by many chic girls. By mixing and matching a top and bottom with the same linen material, you create a cohesive and harmonious look. A sleeveless linen shirt paired with wide-leg pants offers both comfort and breathability, perfect for hot summer days.

When wearing wide-leg pants, it's important to opt for medium to high heels to enhance your silhouette and the overall beauty of the outfit. You can wear this ensemble to school, for casual outings, or even to work.


Linen with Shorts

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A linen shirt paired with shorts is the perfect combination for hot summer days. You can choose shorts made from various materials to create different looks. Mixing with linen shorts will give a light and comfortable appearance, pairing with khaki shorts will look elegant and casual, and combining with denim shorts will create a sporty and dynamic vibe.

Linen shirts often come in soft tones, so you can freely choose shorts in different colors. This outfit is an ideal choice for outings, travel, or places where elaborate attire is not required.


Be Elegant with Mini Skirts

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Mini skirts are also a great option to mix with linen shirts. Depending on the situation and the style you want to aim for, choose the appropriate bottom. A light mini skirt, when mixed with a linen shirt and blazer, will create an elegant overall look for you to go to work.

If you want to go out or have dinner with friends, choose a sexy mini skirt for a luxurious, fashionable, and stylish appearance. Denim mini skirts are also an unmissable option if you want a youthful and dynamic look for a picnic or school.


Turn It Into A Workwear Shirt

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Besides the usual casual and comfortable style, you can completely turn linen shirts into a work-appropriate top. To give it an office vibe, simply pair classic-shaped linen shirts with a long pencil skirt for a formal and serious look. To ensure a neat appearance, don’t forget to tuck the shirt into the skirt, and you can add a belt if desired.

Depending on your preference, you can pair it with high heels or sandals, carry an elegant handbag along with a luxurious blazer for a complete workwear outfit.


Get Ready with Ripped Blue Jeans

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One of the reasons linen shirts are such versatile items in the summer is that they can be paired with almost anything, including jeans. The softness of linen shirts combined with the rigidity of jeans creates an interesting and unique contrast.

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose edgy ripped skinny jeans or elegant wide-leg jeans to create a standout outfit. Don’t forget to choose a pair of well-fitting high heels to look taller, and a handbag to easily use for various occasions in daily life.


Ready for A Casual Look

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On a beautiful day when you want to go out for a walk or a picnic with a dynamic and comfortable outfit, a linen shirt is an item you can't miss. You can pair a scoop or spaghetti strap top with shorts, wearing a loose-fitting linen shirt over it to avoid being too revealing.

This is a simple outfit that can be worn daily; you just need to add a pair of sandals or sneakers for comfortable movement, along with a handbag or backpack to carry more items. If you want to increase sun protection, choose light-colored linen shirts such as white, beige, or cream.


Don’t Miss Out Accessories

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Do you know why famous fashionistas always create outfits that make others go "wow" with just very simple items? It's because they know how to flexibly mix and match seemingly ordinary items into standout outfits. Usually, with linen shirts, you immediately think of comfortable summer outfits with casual looks.

In fact, you can completely elevate them into luxurious outfits for dinner or social events. Here, we suggest mixing linen shirts with a high-waist straight skirt, adding luxurious jewelry accessories and a pair of simple high heels. It's not as difficult as you might think.


Choose A Crop Top Linen Shirt

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A crop top linen shirt is a variation of the classic linen shirt, with the body of the shirt cut shorter to create a youthful look and help the wearer show off a slim waist. To pair with a cropped shirt, you need to choose high-waist bottoms to balance the two items of the outfit.

With a crop top linen shirt, you have many options to combine, from high-waist linen pants to wide-leg jeans or a mini skirt. For a complete outfit, dress your look up with a pair of high heels for a taller and more elegant appearance.


Try Floral Linen Shirts

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If you think linen shirts are plain and boring items, try out some eye-catching designs to enrich your fashion style. Floral linen shirts combine lightweight linen material with the elegant harmony of floral patterns.

On hot summer days, this outfit will bring a gentle touch and help reduce the heat of the weather. Choose a pair of sandals to match this ensemble, along with a straw bag, and you're dressed up for outings, picnics, or coffee dates with friends.


Be Unique with Stylized Linen Shirts

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If you feel traditional linen shirts are too plain and old-fashioned, seek out unique designs made from linen fabric that offer the outstanding qualities of breathability and lightness while refreshing your look.

Here's a distinctive linen shirt design featuring criss-crossed front panels and an asymmetrical hem. With such unique shirt designs, opt for simple bottoms to avoid a cluttered look, such as straight-leg pants or wide-leg jeans, which are suitable choices.



In conclusion, linen shirts are a must-have for summer fashion. The breathable and lightweight nature of linen makes it an ideal fabric choice for comfortable yet stylish clothing. Its natural fibers allow excellent air circulation, making it a popular choice for those seeking a relaxed summer look

Alongside its fabric qualities, linen shirts are versatile items that can be mixed and matched with various styles, patterns, and colors, offering a diversity of looks. You can pair them with linen pants for a simple appearance, mix them with shorts for a casual vibe, pair them with straight-leg jeans for elegance, or combine them with mini skirts for an attractive and charming look. Whatever style you choose to mix your linen shirts with, don't forget to select appropriate footwear and accessories to achieve a harmonious overall outfit.

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