Besurek Rembulan Batik: Symbolizing the Universe and Celebrating Love

Besurek Rembulan

Motif Name

Besurek Rembulan Batik

Founded by Tribe

Besurek Batik itself is a combination of Arab traders and workers from India in the 17th century, so that over time a unique Bengkulu cultural heritage was created which also has typical Indonesian cultural characteristics.

Associated Event

This cloth is usually worn by the bride and groom in the splash ceremony before the wedding.


This batik depicts the universe as a creation of the Almighty God

Common Origin State(s)

comes from the Malay community in the Bengkulu area


Besurek Rembulan is a unique and culturally significant batik style that combines Arabic calligraphy with the motif of the full moon (Rembulan). This artistic fusion holds deep symbolism and is often associated with special occasions, particularly wedding ceremonies. Here's a closer look at the symbolism and significance of Besurek Rembulan:


  1. Arabic Calligraphy:
  • The inclusion of Arabic calligraphy in Besurek Rembulan batik adds a spiritual and artistic dimension to the motif. Arabic calligraphy is highly regarded in Islamic culture, and it is often used to convey religious and philosophical messages.


  1. Full Moon Motif (Rembulan):
  • The motif of the full moon (Rembulan) carries multiple layers of symbolism. In many cultures, the full moon is associated with completeness, enlightenment, and the cyclical nature of life.
  • It can also symbolize the unity and harmony of a couple, as the full moon is often seen as a symbol of love and togetherness.


  1. Universe as a Creation:
  • The depiction of the universe as a creation of the Almighty God is a profound theme in Besurek Rembulan. This motif represents the belief that the entire universe, with its celestial bodies and natural wonders, is a divine creation and a reflection of God's greatness.


  1. Bridal Attire and Splash Ceremony:
  • Besurek Rembulan batik is traditionally worn by the bride and groom during the "splash ceremony" before their wedding. This ceremony involves the couple being sprinkled with water by family and friends, symbolizing blessings, purity, and a fresh start in their married life.


  1. Spiritual and Romantic Significance:
  • The combination of Arabic calligraphy, the depiction of the universe, and the full moon motif in Besurek Rembulan batik creates a unique blend of spiritual and romantic symbolism. It underscores the idea that love, like the universe, is a divine creation that unites two souls.


  1. Cultural Heritage:
  • Besurek Rembulan batik is an integral part of the cultural heritage of the region where it is worn, reflecting the values, traditions, and artistic expressions of the community.


  1. Artistic Expression:
  • Beyond its symbolism, Besurek Rembulan batik is a work of art that showcases the skill and creativity of batik artisans who carefully craft each piece. It combines intricate patterns with meaningful imagery.


In summary, Besurek Rembulan batik is a culturally rich and symbolically meaningful textile art form that combines spirituality, romance, and artistic expression. It is traditionally associated with wedding ceremonies and serves as a visual representation of the love and blessings shared by the bride and groom as they embark on their journey together.

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