Parang Seling Batik Motif: Balance and Elegance for Royalty

Parang Seling Batik Motif: Balance and Elegance for Royalty

Motif Name

Parang Seling

Founded by Tribe

Jawa Tribe

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


The alternation of these two different motifs reminds the royal princesses that they are

Common Origin State(s)

Central Java Province, Indonesia


The Parang Seling Batik motif, also known as "alternating daggers," is a royal batik pattern characterized by a blend of classic parang motifs and delicate floral designs. This motif is a reminder to princesses of the delicate balance they must maintain: being gentle and harmonious while upholding firm beliefs and principles.


Key Symbolism of Parang Seling Batik Motif

Classic Parang Motif

The inclusion of the classic parang motif, reminiscent of daggers, represents strength and determination. It serves as a symbol of the unwavering beliefs and principles that individuals, especially princesses, should uphold.


Floral Motifs

The floral motifs woven into the design bring a sense of femininity and elegance. They represent gentleness, subtlety, and harmony, characteristics expected of princesses in their daily demeanor.


Alternation of Motifs

The alternation of strong parang motifs with delicate floral patterns symbolizes the need for balance. Princesses should exhibit both strength and grace in their actions and decisions, exemplifying poise and resilience.


Natural Dye

The use of natural dye made from Tingki wood from Sumbawa Island reflects a commitment to traditional craftsmanship and sustainability. It connects the motif to the rich natural resources of Indonesia.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Parang Seling Batik motif is a form of artistic expression deeply rooted in Javanese culture. It signifies the cultural expectations of grace, strength, and balance that are placed upon royalty, particularly princesses.


Usage and Application

The Parang Seling motif is often used in traditional clothing, especially for special occasions or ceremonies. Its elegant and meaningful design makes it a popular choice for formal wear, showcasing the wearer's grace and inner strength.


Preservation and Promotion

Preserving and promoting the Parang Seling Batik motif involves educating individuals about its symbolism and cultural significance. Collaboration with artisans, fashion designers, and cultural events can contribute to its modernization and wider acceptance.



The Parang Seling Batik motif beautifully encapsulates the qualities expected of princesses: a harmonious blend of strength, elegance, and unwavering beliefs. It is a testament to the importance of balance in one's character, reminding us of the significance of poise and resilience in our daily lives.

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