Kaharingan Batik Motif: Weaving the Spirituality of Kaharingan Dayak


Motif Name


Founded by Tribe

Dayak tribal beliefs.

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


Dayak tribal beliefs.

Common Origin State(s)

Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia


The Kaharingan batik motif is a symbolic representation of the Kaharingan belief system, a spiritual and cultural cornerstone of the Dayak people in Borneo, Indonesia. Kaharingan encompasses the animistic and ancestral spiritual beliefs of the Dayak community. This batik motif captures the essence of Kaharingan, incorporating its symbols and beliefs into a beautiful textile art form.


Symbolism of Kaharingan Batik Motif

  • Kaharingan Spiritual Symbols: The motif encapsulates the spiritual symbols and elements associated with the Kaharingan belief system. This includes representations of spirits, sacred animals, and other symbols that are revered in Kaharingan spirituality.
  • Ancestral Connection: The batik portrays the deep connection the Dayak people have with their ancestors. Ancestors play a significant role in Kaharingan, and this motif honors that relationship.
  • Nature and Harmony: The Kaharingan belief system places great importance on nature and living in harmony with it. The motif often features natural elements and patterns, showcasing the reverence the Dayak people have for their natural surroundings.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Kaharingan batik motif is a blend of spiritual representation and artistic expression. It not only captures the essence of Kaharingan but also reflects the creativity and artistry of the Dayak community.


Usage and Application

The Kaharingan motif is used in various forms of batik art, clothing, accessories, and decorative items. It is a way for the Dayak people to express their spiritual and cultural beliefs through art.


Preservation and Promotion

Preserving the Kaharingan motif is crucial for promoting and celebrating the rich spiritual and cultural heritage of the Dayak people. Efforts are made within the community and by cultural organizations to promote and educate people about the symbolic significance of this motif.



The Kaharingan batik motif is a representation of the deep-rooted spirituality and cultural beliefs of the Dayak community. It is a way to express their connection with their ancestors, nature, and the spiritual world. As this remarkable motif continues to be celebrated and preserved, it remains a symbol of the enduring cultural values and the spiritual depth of the Dayak people.

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