Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik Motif: Symbolizing Hierarchy and Social Status

Pati-Pati Pinehiku

Motif Name

Pati-Pati Pinehiku

Founded by Tribe

Mekongga tribe

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


This motif symbolizes the hierarchy in society and the social status of the Mekongga tribe

Common Origin State(s)

Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia


The Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik motif is rich in symbolism, representing the hierarchy within the Mekongga tribe and the social status of its members. The motif features a distinctive design, incorporating a stair-like pattern that denotes the differing positions of individuals within the community.


Key Symbolism of Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik Motif

Stair-Like Patterns

The stair-like patterns in the motif symbolize the hierarchical structure within the Mekongga tribe. The design incorporates 7 stairs, signifying the king or the highest authority, and 5 stairs designated for the knights, indicating their significant role in the society.


Hierarchical Order

The representation of different numbers of stairs highlights the hierarchical order within the community. The varying levels of the stairs denote the different social statuses and responsibilities individuals hold within the tribe.


Social Status and Position

The number of stairs directly correlates with an individual's social status and position within the community. The higher the number of stairs, the more elevated the position and importance of that individual.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik motif is a powerful artistic expression that reflects the societal structure and values of the Mekongga tribe. It illustrates their deeply ingrained hierarchical system and the importance placed on social status and position.


Usage and Application

This motif is often utilized in traditional clothing, particularly for important ceremonies and events. The unique design and its symbolic meaning make it a significant choice for formal wear, accentuating the wearer's status and role within the community.


Preservation and Promotion

Preservation and promotion of the Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik motif involve educating individuals about its symbolic meaning and cultural significance. Collaborations with artisans and cultural events can further elevate its visibility and ensure its preservation.



The Pati-Pati Pinehiku Batik motif is a representation of the Mekongga tribe's societal hierarchy and social status. The stair-like patterns signify different levels of authority and importance within the community, offering a visual depiction of the tribe's structured social order.

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