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What Should Men Look for in Mens Custom Made Shoes

You may find it hard to believe, but men shoes, including men’s boots, men’s sneakers, men’s oxford shoes and more are not one-size-fits-all. Each man has different shaped feet, and this is why you may have noticed that most off-the-rack shoes don’t fit you properly. Whether you have a high arch or pronation, or even if your feet are a little on the wide side, finding shoes that fit well can be a challenge. This is where bespoke or custom made shoes come in handy! If you have been struggling with off the rack shoe brands for some time now and have yet to find something that fits your feet perfectly, then getting a pair of custom made shoes for men could be the perfect solution for all your footwear woes. They may seem like an extravagant investment at first glance, but as with everything else in life, as long as you know what to look for in custom made men’s boots, they are actually quite affordable and worth every penny.


What Makes Custom Made Shoes for Men Different from Off-the-Rack Shoes?

‍Before we discuss what to look for in custom-made shoes for men, let us first take a look at how these shoes differ from off-the-rack shoes. First off, personalized made shoes are not mass produced. These are handmade shoes designed by skilled shoemakers who have years of experience in the field. They are not only more durable and long-lasting than off-the-rack shoes, but they also fit better and provide better support to your feet. This is because they are custom-made based on your unique foot shape and size.


How to Make Your Feet Look Good With Custom Shoes

‍Custom made shoes are a great way to accentuate your feet, especially if you have a pair of size 12 shoes that look like boats on your feet. Making your feet look good is important for many reasons, one of which being that it helps to improve your posture. While some people may be able to get away with wearing shoes that are ill fitting, most men will end up walking around with a stoop in their posture. Wearing shoes that fit properly will help you stand up straight and make you look more confident than ever before. In addition, the custom fit will alleviate pressure points on the foot and prevent blisters from forming as well. This means that you can wear them all day long without any pain or discomfort!


Customize Shoes That Will Last You a Lifetime

‍While off the rack shoes may seem like they will last forever since they are so affordable, they probably won’t stand the test of time quite as well as custom made shoes for men. Most people who buy off-the-rack shoe brands don’t realize this until they go back to the store to purchase another pair only to find out that their favorite brand has been discontinued! It is worth noting though, that with custom made men’s boots, it is possible for you to get replacements whenever needed so these aren’t just good for one lifetime! The company will usually make sure there is enough room in  the shoe for your toes to move freely and your feet won’t be cramped in a pair of shoes that are too small.


Shoes That Fit Your Style

‍One of the best things about getting custom made shoes for men is being able to customize them to suit your style whether it is men’s dress shoes, men’s casual shoes and men’s boots. Many people will buy off the rack shoes and then try to modify them with things like socks, foot creams, insoles, etc. The problem with this is that all these products can cause problems with the fit, especially if you have a sensitive skin type. With custom men’s shoes, you can get both comfort and style all in one package! If you want a certain design or material on your custom made shoes for men then you can make it happen! You can even choose from different styles such as oxfords, moccasins, loafers or wingtips!

What is a Bespoke Shoe?

Simply put, a bespoke shoe is a customizable made shoe. To be precise, a pair of custom made shoes was the standard footwear that men would dress when they would go to work or attend a special occasion back in the day. Today, you can get a pair of custom made men’s shoes if they are built on lasts that are made to exactly fit your feet. This is why you will often hear people refer to custom made men’s shoes as bespoke shoes. There are a variety of different types of lasts that can be used to build a custom made shoe. Because not all feet are built the same, the lasts used for custom made shoes for men are made to fit the individual, not the masses. This is why bespoke custom made men’s shoes are often a better option than getting a pair that is made from ready-to-wear (RTW) shoes.

Things to Look for in Custom Made Shoes for Men

Although custom made shoes for men are made to fit you, there are a few key things to look for in a pair of custom shoes to make sure you get the perfect fit. If you have flat feet, you want to make sure that the arch in your shoes is built up properly. If you have high arches, you will want to make sure the insole is reduced. If you have a wide foot, you will want to make sure the shoe is wide enough to accommodate your toes. If you have a narrow foot, you will want to make sure the width is right for you. If you have a bunion on one foot, you will want to make sure the shoe is built around that foot. If you have bunions on both feet, you will want to make sure there is plenty of room between the bunion and the end of the shoe.

The Last is Important

The last is the wood block that the shoe upper is stitched to. This is what makes a pair of custom-made shoes for men so special. The last is the mold for the foot that is used to make the shoe. The last is what gives the shoe its shape. The last used in making a pair of custom made shoes for men is made for the particular foot that is wearing the shoe. This means that each last will be different depending on the customer’s foot. It will also be different from one shoe style to the next, as different shoe styles will use different lasts. While it may seem like a lot of work, finding the right last can make all the difference in terms of the fit and feel of a pair of custom made shoes for men. This is why it is important to find a reputable cobbler who knows how to select the right last.

Footbeds Are Also Important

The footbed of a pair of custom made shoes for men is the piece of cork or other material that is placed at the bottom of the shoe. The footbed serves a few different functions. It provides the proper arch support for the wearer, it acts as a shock absorber, and it also protects the wearer's foot from pressure from the inside of the shoe. Custom made shoes for men come with a removable footbed. This makes it easy to replace the footbed if it becomes worn out or if it isn’t supporting your foot properly. It is also very easy to replace it with a different footbed if you want to change things up a little bit.

Check out the Upper

The upper of a pair of custom made shoes for men is the material that covers the footbed. The upper is usually made of leather, but it can also be made with a synthetic material. Custom made shoes for men come with a variety of different upper materials. However, not all materials will be the best choice for your specific foot type. For example, a lot of men with high arches prefer the look of a leather upper, but they often don’t wear it because they want a material that will offer more support. You can also mix and match different materials to create a unique look by choosing, for example, a leather upper with a synthetic sole.


The best thing about custom made shoes for men is that you can get the perfect fit for your particular foot type. No matter what your foot type or shape is, you will be able to find a pair of custom made shoes for men that fits you like a glove. There is no better way to ensure a proper fit than getting a pair of custom made shoes for men. That being said, not all cobblers offer custom made shoes for men, so you will have to do a bit of research before settling on one in particular. Also, be prepared for the fact that getting a pair of custom made shoes for men may take longer than you expect, as you will have to visit the cobbler and have several fittings before your shoes are ready.