Dayak Taghol Motif: Symbolizing Unity and Endurance

Dayak Taghol

Motif Name

Dayak Tanghol

Founded by Tribe

symbolizes Dayak Tanghol tribe

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


symbolizes the shield, which is a symbol of endurance and integrity in society

Common Origin State(s)

From kalimantan, Indonesia


The Dayak Taghol motif is a unique and distinctive pattern characterized by four curved lines and small dots. This motif holds great significance within the Dayak culture, symbolizing a shield and conveying important values of unity and endurance within the community. In this article, we will delve into the historical and cultural roots, symbolism, and the message of strength and unity conveyed by the Dayak Taghol motif.


Historical and Cultural Roots of Dayak Taghol Motif

The Dayak Taghol motif is deeply rooted in the traditions and culture of the Dayak people, an indigenous group in Borneo, Indonesia. The motif's design, with its four curved lines and small dots, is a testament to the creativity and distinct artistic style of the Dayak tribe.


Symbolism of Unity and Endurance

The Dayak Taghol motif is symbolic of a shield, signifying endurance and unity within the society. A shield is a traditional symbol of protection and defense, suggesting the importance of unity among community members to withstand challenges and adversity. The four curved lines and dots represent the structure of a shield, emphasizing the need for strength and solidarity to maintain harmony and face challenges together.


Empowering the Community

The motif's symbolism goes beyond its visual representation. It embodies the collective strength and resilience of the community. Just as a shield provides physical protection, the Dayak Taghol motif represents the communal shield that provides support and protection to every member of the society. It encourages unity, reminding the community of their collective power to endure trials and tribulations.


Preservation and Cultural Significance

Preserving the Dayak Taghol motif is crucial for maintaining the cultural identity and heritage of the Dayak tribe. Efforts are made within the community and by cultural organizations to promote and educate people about the symbolic significance of the motif. Workshops, exhibitions, and educational programs are organized to ensure that this important motif is passed down through generations.


Integration into Contemporary Art and Fashion

While deeply rooted in tradition, the Dayak Taghol motif is also finding its place in contemporary art and fashion. Modern designers and artists are incorporating this motif into various forms of art, textiles, and fashion items. This integration not only celebrates the motif's heritage but also allows it to reach a wider audience and gain appreciation beyond its cultural roots.



The Dayak Taghol batik motif is a testament to the resilience and unity of the Dayak community. As a symbol of endurance and protection, it embodies the strength that comes from unity and collective action. The motif's continued presence in both traditional and contemporary settings ensures that its message of unity and resilience remains a vital part of Dayak culture and heritage.

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