Hiu Taliyasan Batik Motif: Celebrating the Gentle Giant, the Whale Shark

Hiu Taliyasan

Motif Name

Hiu Taliyasan

Founded by Tribe

does not characterize one of the tribes

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


This shark is docile and friendly towards humans unless it is hungry, and is friendly with fishermen in Taliyasan village which is located on the edge of the Derawan Sea.

Common Origin State(s)

means shark originating from the fishing village of Taliyasan. East Kalimantan Province – Indonesia


The Hiu Taliyasan batik motif is a vibrant representation celebrating the whale shark (Hiu Taliyasan), the world's largest fish. Indonesia is proud to be home to this magnificent creature, known scientifically as Rhincodon typus. The whale shark holds a special place in the hearts of Indonesians, especially in the Derawan Sea of East Kalimantan, where it forms unique friendships with fishermen. This batik motif pays homage to this gentle giant, showcasing its massive size and the affection it holds for humans.


Symbolism of Hiu Taliyasan Batik Motif

  • Whale Shark (Hiu Taliyasan): The motif symbolizes the awe-inspiring whale shark, the world's largest fish. It embodies qualities of gentleness, friendliness, and a harmonious relationship with humans, particularly the fishermen in the Derawan Sea.
  • Magnificence of Marine Life: The motif serves as a reminder of the diverse and marvelous marine life found in Indonesia. It encourages awareness and appreciation for the immense beauty and ecological importance of the ocean and its inhabitants.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Hiu Taliyasan batik motif is a blend of cultural pride and artistic expression. It beautifully captures the essence of the whale shark, reflecting the cultural and environmental values associated with this gentle giant.


Usage and Application

The Hiu Taliyasan motif can be utilized in various forms of batik art, clothing, accessories, and decorative items. Its symbolism and cultural significance make it a popular choice for those looking to celebrate the marine life and environmental richness of Indonesia.


Preservation and Promotion

Preserving the Hiu Taliyasan motif is crucial for promoting awareness about the importance of marine life and ecological conservation. Efforts are made within communities and environmental organizations to promote and educate people about the significance of this motif.



The Hiu Taliyasan batik motif celebrates the world's largest fish, the gentle giant - the whale shark. It symbolizes the beauty of marine life and highlights the harmonious coexistence of humans and these magnificent creatures. As this remarkable motif continues to be celebrated and preserved, it remains a symbol of the enduring cultural and environmental richness that Indonesia is blessed with.

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