Mahkota Siger: Symbol of Femininity, Strength, and Elegance

Mahkota Siger

Motif Name

Mahkote Sireger

Founded by Tribe

does not characterize one of the tribes

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


This motif is a symbol of femininity, strength and elegance of a woman.

Common Origin State(s)

Lampung Province, Indonesia


The Mahkota Siger, a crown worn by noblewomen in ancient times, transcends being a mere accessory. For the Lampung people, it epitomizes the multifaceted essence of a woman—her femininity, strength, and elegance.


Key Symbolism of Mahkota Siger

Femininity and Strength

The Mahkota Siger symbolizes the delicate grace of femininity combined with the strength that women inherently possess. It's a reminder that a woman can balance gentleness with resilience.


Representation of Women's Roles

Women in Lampung society have historically played significant roles, especially in household activities. The Mahkota Siger acknowledges their immense involvement and highlights their importance in the community.


Hard Work and Independence

Behind the elegance of the Mahkota Siger lies the acknowledgment of women's hard work and independence. It embodies the tireless dedication and effort that Lampung women put into both their families and communities.


Persistence and Feminine Qualities

The crown signifies the persistence of women in fulfilling their responsibilities and nurturing their families. It also represents the embodiment of feminine qualities that are integral to Lampung culture.


Inspiration for Generations

Women, as depicted by the Mahkota Siger, are a source of inspiration for future generations. Their role as nurturers, inspirers, and drivers for the success of their life partners is highlighted through this symbol.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Mahkota Siger is not just an ornament but a cultural symbol that embodies the essence of Lampung women. It stands as a beautiful artistic expression of the strength and grace that every Lampung woman carries within her.


Usage and Application

The Mahkota Siger is worn on various ceremonial and traditional occasions, accentuating the beauty and strength of Lampung women. It graces events with cultural importance and adds a touch of elegance and tradition to the wearer.


Preservation and Promotion

Preserving the significance and tradition associated with the Mahkota Siger is essential to honor the Lampung culture and the role of women within it. Promoting its cultural importance helps in understanding and appreciating the cultural heritage it represents.



The Mahkota Siger, beyond its aesthetic appeal, is a profound representation of Lampung women—their strength, elegance, perseverance, and the vital roles they play within the community. Embracing this symbol is a way of acknowledging and celebrating the essence of Lampung culture and the enduring spirit of Lampung women.

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