Pattimura Batik Motif: Symbolizing Freedom and Independence


Motif Name


Founded by Tribe

does not characterize one of the tribes

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


The Pattimura motif is illustrated in combination with other typical tribal motifs in the Maluku region. This motif means cooperation in society and heroism.

Common Origin State(s)

Maluku Province, Indonesia


The Pattimura Batik motif is a powerful representation of the struggle for freedom and independence, inspired by Thomas Matulessy, known as Pattimura, a prominent national hero from Maluku. This motif holds great historical and cultural significance, embodying the spirit of resistance against colonial rule.


Key Symbolism of Pattimura Batik Motif

Freedom and Independence

The motif symbolizes the fight for freedom and independence. It draws from Pattimura's resistance against colonial forces, highlighting the struggle of the Maluku people for their sovereignty.


Historical Legacy

The motif pays homage to Thomas Matulessy, also known as Pattimura, who led a rebellion against Dutch colonial rule in the Maluku Islands during the 19th century. It embodies his legacy and the resistance movement he initiated.


Struggle and Resilience

The motif's design represents the resilience and determination of the Maluku people in their struggle for independence. The intricate patterns and bold elements signify their unwavering spirit.


Cultural Significance and Artistic Expression

The Pattimura Batik motif is a significant artistic expression deeply rooted in Indonesian history and culture. It serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for freedom and stands as a symbol of hope and resilience.


Usage and Application

This motif is often used in various forms of art and clothing, including traditional garments, accessories, and decorative items. It is particularly prominent during cultural events, historical commemorations, and ceremonies, where it represents the spirit of independence.


Preservation and Promotion

Preserving and promoting the Pattimura Batik motif involves educating individuals about its historical significance. Collaborations with artisans, cultural exhibitions, and educational initiatives can help raise awareness about this important motif.



The Pattimura Batik motif embodies the struggle for freedom and independence, honoring the legacy of Thomas Matulessy, also known as Pattimura. It is a powerful symbol of resilience and the enduring fight for sovereignty and liberty.

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