Sekomandi Batik Motif: Symbolizing Eternal Unity


Motif Name


Founded by Tribe

Mandar tribe

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


The philosophical meaning is eternal unity which refers to the expression "until death do us part".

Common Origin State(s)

West Sulawesi Province, Indonesia


Sekomandi, a unique batik and woven textile heritage of the Mandar tribe in West Sulawesi, embodies a rich cultural and symbolic meaning. Among the various Sekomandi motifs, "Teroraq Ri Marilotong" stands out, symbolizing eternal unity and a profound connection.


Key Elements and Symbolism of the Sekomandi Motif

Black and White Geometric Patterns

The black and white geometric patterns are central to the Sekomandi motif. Geometric patterns often symbolize harmony, balance, and unity in diversity.


Natural Dye

The use of natural dye, specifically black dye derived from local grasses, not only signifies the rich tradition of natural dyeing in the Mandar tribe but also emphasizes sustainability and a connection to nature.


Eternal Unity Theme

The motif, Teroraq Ri Marilotong, encapsulates the theme of eternal unity, much like the marital vow "until death do us part." This signifies the strength and enduring nature of relationships and commitments.


Cultural and Symbolic Significance

The Sekomandi motif, particularly Teroraq Ri Marilotong, holds immense cultural and symbolic significance for the Mandar tribe. It represents their beliefs about unity, commitment, and the everlasting nature of essential relationships.


Incorporating Sekomandi Batik in Daily Life

The Sekomandi batik motif, with its symbolism of unity and enduring commitment, is often incorporated into traditional attire and ceremonial garments. It's a symbol of cultural pride and heritage for the Mandar tribe, worn during significant events and ceremonies.


Promoting Sustainability and Cultural Preservation

The use of natural dye from local grasses promotes sustainability and eco-friendliness. It also highlights the importance of preserving traditional dyeing techniques and indigenous practices.



The Sekomandi batik motif, especially Teroraq Ri Marilotong, encapsulates the Mandar tribe's values of unity, commitment, and the eternal nature of essential relationships. It's a beautiful representation of their cultural heritage and serves as a reminder of the importance of unity and sustainability in today's world.

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