Singayaksa Batik Motif: A Prayer for Guidance and Royal Establishment


Motif Name


Founded by Tribe

does not characterize one of the tribes

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


This motif symbolizes the hope of getting guidance from God in life, so that we can make good and correct decisions.

Common Origin State(s)

Banten Province, Indonesia


The Singayaksa batik motif is deeply rooted in history and spirituality, associated with a significant location named Singayaksa, where Sultan Hasanuddin used to pray for divine guidance in the establishment of a royal palace. This motif holds a rich cultural and historical significance, portraying the connection between spirituality, leadership, and the establishment of a significant place like a palace.


Key Elements and Symbolism of the Singayaksa Motif

Sultan Hasanuddin's Prayer

The motif's name and origin, Singayaksa, are tied to Sultan Hasanuddin, suggesting a spiritual connection. It symbolizes the Sultan's prayers and seeking divine guidance for the establishment of a royal palace.


Guidance and Spirituality

The motif embodies the symbolism of seeking divine guidance and wisdom. It represents the spiritual aspect of decision-making and the importance of spirituality in leadership and governance.


Establishment and Leadership

As Sultan Hasanuddin sought guidance for the establishment of a royal palace, the motif symbolizes leadership, authority, and the responsibilities associated with governing and establishing significant structures.


Cultural and Historical Significance

In Indonesian culture, especially in regions with strong historical ties to sultans and royal heritage, motifs like Singayaksa hold immense cultural significance. They serve as a connection to the past, reminding people of the spiritual and historical roots of their society.


Incorporating Singayaksa Batik in Traditional Attire

The Singayaksa batik motif, carrying historical and spiritual importance, is likely incorporated into traditional attire for special occasions, ceremonies, or events related to governance, leadership, or historical commemorations.


Preservation of Historical Heritage

Through the Singayaksa batik motif, the historical legacy of Sultan Hasanuddin and the significance of spiritual guidance in leadership are preserved. It is a representation of the historical and cultural richness of the Indonesian archipelago.



The Singayaksa batik motif, originating from a place of spiritual significance where Sultan Hasanuddin sought divine guidance, carries profound symbolism related to leadership, spirituality, and historical establishment. It is a reminder of the importance of spiritual connection and guidance in the actions and decisions of leaders, and it holds a special place in Indonesian culture and heritage.

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