Tabir Tanjung Batik Motif: Embodying Warmth and Sincerity

Tabir Tanjung

Motif Name

Tabir Tanjung

Founded by Tribe

No specific association with an event

Associated Event

does not characterize one of the tribes


This motif means sincerity, friendliness and a friendly attitude towards guests.

Common Origin State(s)

Riau Province, Indonesia


The Tabir Tanjung batik motif is inspired by the Tanjung flower, resembling the blossoms of the Cherry tree. This motif finds its roots in Riau woven textiles, particularly Songket. The motif embodies profound cultural symbolism, representing sincerity, friendliness, and a welcoming attitude toward guests.


Key Elements and Symbolism of the Tabir Tanjung Motif

Tanjung Flower

The central element of the motif, the Tanjung flower or Cherry blossom, symbolizes the beauty of nature and its fleeting yet enchanting essence.


Sincerity and Friendliness

The motif, inspired by the Tanjung flower, conveys the values of sincerity and friendliness. The open and inviting nature of the Tanjung flower is mirrored in the welcoming attitude towards guests.



The motif's representation of the Tanjung flower signifies a culture of warmth and hospitality, reflecting the Indonesian tradition of treating guests with kindness and openness.


Cultural and Historical Significance

The Tanjung flower, often used in traditional textiles like Songket, has cultural significance across Indonesia. The Tabir Tanjung batik motif, derived from this flower, encapsulates the essence of Indonesian hospitality and the cultural values associated with welcoming guests.


Incorporating Tabir Tanjung Batik in Attire

The Tabir Tanjung batik motif, reflecting warmth and sincerity, is likely incorporated into traditional attire, especially during welcoming ceremonies or gatherings. It embodies the spirit of hospitality and sets a welcoming tone for gatherings and events.


Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Through the Tabir Tanjung batik motif, the cultural values of warmth, sincerity, and hospitality are preserved and celebrated. It acts as a representation of the nation's values and the significance of extending kindness and openness to others.



The Tabir Tanjung batik motif, inspired by the Tanjung flower, carries symbolic significance related to warmth, sincerity, and hospitality. It embodies the cultural values of welcoming guests with open hearts and reflects the rich cultural heritage of Indonesia, emphasizing the importance of friendliness and genuine interactions in society.

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