Tubo Kelapa Batik: Embodying Strength, Humility, and Wisdom from North Maluku

Tubo Kelapa

Motif Name

Tubo Kelapa

Founded by Tribe

does not characterize one of the tribes

Associated Event

No specific association with an event


describes the more successful a person is, the more he needs to be mentally strong and humble. It also contains the wisdom to use one's powers to protect others and exert a positive influence in society.

Common Origin State(s)

North Maluku Province, Indonesia



Amidst the picturesque beaches of North Maluku, the ubiquitous coconut tree stands tall, not only in its physical presence but also in its symbolic significance. The Tubo Kelapa batik motif, a creation of the Tubo Batik workshop, beautifully captures the essence of this iconic tree and the profound virtues it represents. In this article, we unravel the symbolism, cultural roots, and artistic importance of the Tubo Kelapa batik, showcasing its role in promoting mental strength, humility, and positive influence in society.


Symbolism of the Coconut Tree

The coconut tree, a prevalent sight along the North Maluku coastline, is deeply ingrained in the region's culture. It symbolizes good character, mental strength, and humility. The tree's ability to thrive near the sea amidst challenging conditions is a metaphor for the strength one needs to navigate the complexities of life successfully.

Furthermore, the coconut tree's versatility in providing various resources, from food to shelter and materials, signifies the wisdom of utilizing one's powers and success to protect and benefit others. It symbolizes the importance of being grounded, humble, and using one's influence positively for the greater good of society.


Design Elements in Tubo Kelapa Batik

Tubo Kelapa batik, inspired by the coastal coconut trees, features intricate designs reflecting the tree's distinct characteristics. The patterns often incorporate the tree's swaying leaves, coconut clusters, and the textured bark. The color palette mirrors the hues of the coastal environment, with shades of greens and blues evoking the sea and vibrant greens representing the lush coconut leaves.


Cultural Roots and Artistic Significance

The Tubo Kelapa batik motif is a product of the Tubo Batik workshop, an establishment deeply rooted in the cultural fabric of North Maluku. This motif pays homage to the region's natural beauty and cultural values, fostering a sense of pride and appreciation for the local heritage. It exemplifies the symbiosis between art and nature, portraying the coconut tree's strength and resilience through the delicate strokes of batik.


Promotion of Positive Values

Beyond being a beautiful pattern, Tubo Kelapa batik serves as a reminder of the virtues it symbolizes. It encourages individuals to draw from the tree's symbolism—embrace mental strength, remain humble in success, and use one's influence positively to create a better society. The batik motif encapsulates not just patterns but a deeper message of personal growth and societal impact.



Tubo Kelapa batik exemplifies the artistry, cultural roots, and symbolic richness of North Maluku. It celebrates the enduring strength of the coconut tree, both in nature and metaphorically in human life. Through this motif, we are reminded to be mentally strong, humble, and use our success to benefit others, leaving a positive mark on society, much like the steadfast coconut tree on the shores of North Maluku.

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